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Welcome to my digital home!

In this site I would like to give you some news about my professional life.

I am indeed avid user of the internet since its inception and was one of the pioneers in adopting the instruments of social networks.

As a business and social media consultant, I am helping organisations meet their business objectives by providing a wealth of expertise developed during several years of activities in the areas of IT services, internet, telecommunications, banking, public administration and SMEs.

I have a solid track record of delivering on commitments, managing expectations and building innovative, complex products and business services. The combination of social media and ICT experience, coupled with a sales and marketing background, gives me a strong commercial insight and vision for social and digital media integration into an organisation’s culture and infrastructure.

I am also helping individuals who want to take advantage of the new opportunities provided by Linkedin and other social networks to build a strong personal brand.

Area of expertise in:
• Social Media and Personal Branding
• Marketing and Product Management
• Business Expansion & Start-ups
• Direct and through Indirect Channel Sales

For further info please visit my linkedin profile or contact me to get a full CV.